I have two other blogs that have taken some of my big interests to their own spaces.

Apple Jelly Jam is my recipe site – largely for me to be able to look up my favourite recipes from anywhere, I have both recipe pages and posts where I waffle (pun intended) about food. Apparently, my Jaffa Cake Trifle is very popular, which means I really should add a photo and/or at least make it sound a little more professional!

LittleFrogScribbles is where I indulge my love of stories, be they in books or on screen. It started on paper as a ‘commonplace book’ to take notes about my reading (to help with my writing), and it made sense to migrate it online where others might find something useful. Find my book, movie, tv, and music reviews over there.

Being a Scanner with so many – often disparate – interests, aims and goals takes a lot of organisation. You’ll find a lot of posts here about goal-setting, habits, and motivation, along with the randomness!

If you’re reading, do hit like or better, leave a comment. Us bloggers need the interaction 😉


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