TIL 9: javascript 3


Following on from posts on the basics and arrays, another short bit of refresher from freeCodeCamp.



  • reusable bits of code
  • called or invoked using the function’s name and parentheses, e.g. functionName();
  •  parameters or  arguments can be passed in (as per pic above)


  • i.e. visibility of variables
  • Global variables are declared outside of the function block and can be ‘seen’ by the rest of the code
  • omitting the var keyword when declaring a variable automatically makes it global – this can cause unintentional errors!
  • Local variables are those declared within the function, including the function parameters, and are not accessible outwith the function
  • you can create local and global variables with the same name; the local one will take precedence. Again – this can cause many errors for the unwary!
  • use the return keyword to send a value back out of a function
  • the return value of a function can be assigned to a variable, e.g. var solution = functionName(8);

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