TIL 8: time management


stopwatchMondays are ‘headology’ day in my learning challenge month, and for today I’m moving from stress management to time management – because nothing messes with your head quite as much as time, methinks! o_O

Today’s reading was an article from founder of freeCodeCamp, Quincy Larson, which has been sitting in my inbox begging to be read… when I found the time. Hah! In it, we get three very simple tips:

1. If it’ll take 2 minutes or less to do, just do it. It’d take just as long to add it to a to-do list, and then you’d still have to do it.

I’m in agreement with this – mostly. I’m also aware of how often those little 2-minute distractions can destroy a bigger piece of productivity, but that aside, sure: stop putting of tiny tasks if you can just sweep them away practically before you have to think about them.

2. Can this conversation happen asynchronously?

Oh, how I loved reading this! I hate phone calls – written media is my far preferred method of communication. And lo – it’s also a time hack! You can’t beat meeting face to face and should always try to do it at least once, but it’s often far more efficient to have conversations by saying your bit, letting the other person digest, and then seeing the answer. Again, caveats apply: sometimes you *need* the quick-fire back and forth, but it’s not always the best (as insisted upon by far too many managers, imo!)

3. Listen to podcasts/books while you exercise

One I’m trying to get myself into doing. Well, first just doing more exercise and secondly listening to podcasts! The latter would have the benefit of generally making me more familiar with my industry (which I got into ‘late’, so definitely a good goal). The former would probably make exercise more enjoyable. I’ve been resisting so far as I like my walks to clear my head, not try to absorb more information, and I hate being out and about with headphones in. But once the weather turns, I think audiobooks and treadmills are a match made in heaven!

So, there are pros and cons to everything. Trying to cram more into each second of the day feels like anti-stress management, but then freeing up more time for the fun stuff…! As with everything, balance needs to be found.

I’m thinking these are great examples, but that there are more out there – if you have any to share, please leave a comment 🙂


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