TIL 5: Random learning


Okay, all of this blogging about learning is certainly a great way to deepen understanding (through explanation) and increase retention, but it’s also pretty time consuming! Fridays are busy days for me, so as well as leaving space for some of the random articles, etc that I read in a week, I also thought I’d give myself a day for a shorter post.

Today’s lucky dip comes courtesy of Lifehacker, a mine of snippets of semi-useful information!

bananaI like to bake, and have often made banana muffins to use up an overripe banana. But what if you don’t have an overripe banana? If the fruit (or herb, if you’re being pedantic!) is too firm then it really doesn’t work as well.

New life hack: mash the bananas and add however many eggs the recipe calls for (so, not so useful if you’re trying to make banana oat bars, but perfect for those muffins!), and leave for half an hour. The enzymes in the egg will break down the bananas.

Life changing magic, I tell ya! 😉


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