Meditation helps


I’ve started and not been able to finish half a dozen long, rambling posts about everything and nothing. There’s no point in (my usual!) waffling about what I want/think I’m going to do, which may or may not happen (again) – it gets dull. And then has what I have done been going on long enough to not just be tempting fate in waffling about it?!

But, here goes: meditation helps. Life kicked me hard this year, and I’m still picking up the pieces. I won’t say I was a serene being of light thanks to my 5-10 minutes of meditation every day, but it certainly didn’t hurt. A little oasis of calm. And during the worst times, I looked forward to those 10 minutes (the Calm app gave me a free trial at just the right time) rather a lot.

Benefits-of-meditation-2It’s gone back a little towards being a chore, oddly enough, as the stresses have eased (or at least moved). But what I’m seeing as the wider effects seem worth a mention. Or, not to sound to smug about it, being generally more mindful has suddenly and unexpectedly been the best diet plan I’ve ever found!

I’m learning stuff like: that feeling in my tummy is nerves/thirst/digestion, not hunger. That I don’t have to jump to shove a snack in my face every time I might be hungry – and if I am genuinely hungry, it’s okay to sit with it for a while if I’ve a meal planned in a bit, anyway. Or, a cup of tea will keep it at bay until dinner. I’ve learned that chocolate doesn’t actually satisfy hunger cravings, ever.

Aside from diet (I know, yawn!), it’s also a little easier (long way to work on this one!) to take a worry and point out to myself that it hasn’t happened yet, or that it’s out of my control. Or just that I can take a deep breath and not have to cope with it right at this instant.

And there’s more: focus. Also needing a LOT of work, but with similar ‘I don’t have to think about that right now’ thoughts, I can do a single task, and push all the ‘I shoulds’ to one side while I get on with it. Well, that’s the theory, at any rate!

Yup, meditation helps. I’d wish not to need quite so much help, but hey – life!

(PS it’s nigh-on impossible to find a non-cheesy image for ‘meditation’, so I’ve gone with this one for at least not looking like a smug model. I’m hoping all of those listed benefits hold to be true, too!)


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