I heart cooking


Long bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and from all the many things on my to-do/scanner list, my time has been happily spent on the two mentioned in my previous post: writing reviews (and, of course, reading/watching things to review!), and cooking.

I’m feeling kinda pleased with the reviews of late – not the quality (although they’re alright!), but that I’m keeping up with them. I request books for reviewing from NetGalley, and I do like the picture painted last week: publisher looks at blog, sees many/recent reviews, and I get some free books 🙂

Today, though, has been all about the cooking. Yeah, I have a blog for that, but today wasn’t new recipes, just comfort cooking. A big pan of sweet potato and chilli soup as a start to healthying-up my eating (too much chocolate!), then deciding to change my dinner plans to veggie shepherd’s pie (base previously cooked and frozen, topped with some fresh sweet potato).

Once I start chopping vegetables (which I enjoy, it’s therapeutic!) it often feels easier to keep going. So while one lot is boiling away, I prepped and diced a butternut squash, currently roasting in the oven along with my shepherd’s pie! (I love it when these things dovetail!). I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with it, but I love roast butternut. Some with pasta tomorrow, probably, then I could fancy a lasagne – if I can be bothered with the rest of the work! 🙂

healthy living circle

The expert advice!

This is all part of my current thinking around a healthier lifestyle. It’s not about losing weight, although I am a little fed up of permanently being a little overweight, tbh. I’ve been reminded of late how precious health is, and un-chuffed with how much effort I generally put into keeping mine. Time for that to change!

So yeah, figure out some of this exercise malarky, and healthier foods. Just as well I enjoy prepping veg, methinks!


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