Why blog?


Currently, I have three active blogs: this one, which is meant to encapsulate all of my Scanner-tastic interests (and usually ends up being more waffling-about-stuff!); then the ‘break out’ topics of cooking, at Apple Jelly Jam, and book/movie/etc reviews at Little Frog Scribbles. Why, I was asked?

AJJ is the ‘obvious’ one, to me. I started it specifically to collect my favourite recipes in one place, and to make that place somewhere I could access whenever I wanted to check e.g. ingredients. That other people find it/like it/seem obsessed with Jaffa Cake trifle is a tad bemusing (well, maybe not so much on the latter, but it’s a silly recipe that I made up and by the viewing stats wish I was monetising! ;)) but still, the purpose is my own.

This one has only recently been ‘public’, as such: it felt a little too personal in it’s ‘thinkyness’ topics. But hey, it’s still the internet (i.e. it was always ‘public’ anyway), and maybe someone will find something useful in it all, I guess? I keep thinking I’ll capture more random thoughts here, from things I read, etc, and I suppose that’s what this post is, too. So, just a place to muse, perhaps.

The third garnered the main ‘why’ comment, recently. I used to write for a consumer review site, that paid (pennies) for my random musings on books and movies. So why on earth write for no money – not least when I meet most weekends feeling that I ‘have to’ catch up, record everything, etc?

Ultimately, it’s still all for me. I want to log/track my reading/viewing, for the remembering if nothing else. And there’s nothing like writing a review to make you pay attention to what you really enjoyed or didn’t (and if I continue with goals of creating myself, then knowing what worked/didn’t is hugely valuable).

When it comes down to ‘why’, I just like writing. Putting thoughts into words and stringing them together on paper or on screen. It’s a skill, here’s the practice. And every now and then someone ‘Likes’ or comments on something, and you get for that tiny moment to feel like you’ve added to the world’s web of knowledge. Or something.


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