If you chase two rabbits…


…you will not catch either one.

imagesThis phrase cropped up in the intro to a writing course I started today (Write More Write Now). It’s one of those ‘ye olde’ pieces of wisdom that it’s hard not to nod along to – and yet, when I do, I get that sinking feeling that if it really is true, then my scannerism is totally preventing me from success.

Perhaps, though… perhaps instead of chasing rabbits, what I’m doing is casting out a net, made up of all the many interests that I have. I’m not chasing one, two, or even a dozen rabbits – I’m just strengthening that net, and seeing what catches up in it?

On the other hand, taking the advice a bit less black/white: if I don’t focus on one thing, at least for a little while, then no – of course I’m not going to achieve anything. Another course I’m currently doing (yeah, yeah – I’m an addict!) is on Mindfulness – so, lots on ‘flow’ and being in the moment, and yeah, focusing on one thing at a time.

So here’s the good news: one thing at a time does not mean one thing ever, or all year, or even all day. It means one thing RIGHT NOW. While I’m working on writing, focus on writing and on that plot idea – not the shopping list, or what to make for dinner (stir fry and egg fried rice, btw 🙂 ), or whether I should be pursuing a different story idea – ah, because there’s the other rabbit.

I do have multiple plot ideas, and a dozen other interests. And that’s okay. Just, in this one moment, allow yourself to be fully passionate about just this one. The rest will be waiting after lunch, or tomorrow, or… 🙂

footprints* There is a follow-up idea, perhaps, to ensure that you’re actually following rabbit tracks. Unless you’ve studied these things, there are a lot of different kinds of footprints out there…


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  1. I love this phrase and have never heard of it! I struggle with too many projects, not enough structure, and I just don’t work in a linear fashion, it isn’t me. So I hear you! One of the biggest issues I faced was status. That is, where was I on this knitting project? the write up here? the plan there? That has been my focus of late, trying to find a way to track all the myriad projects, without triggering the panic attacks my PTSD causes when I do massive “here I am” maps or status sheets. I look forward to seeing what you do with this!


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