Lent (sort of)


When I was growing up, the period between Pancake day (Shrove Tuesday) and Easter was always the time when you gave something up – usually chocolate! It’s been a long time since I really followed anything like that, although I perhaps still stick slightly more to the idea that rather than ‘giving’ up on something, it’s also a great time to commit to doing something positive, instead.

Regardless of any underlying meaning, this is another of those possible fresh start moments in the year. Six weeks (ish) is a nice time-bound period to consider sticking more closely to one of the habits you’re trying to start or give up.

no mobilesFor me, the choice is easy and the timing perfect. Last night I was at a lovely pancake day get together, but it was a late night – not least because after getting home I *still* insisted on staying up longer playing silly puzzle games on my phone. So, next six weeks? No phone games before sleep!

I’ve also got a ‘secret’ goal – something to take up/do more of during the period, too, but sometimes not sharing is more motivating – there’s less pressure, and that tinge of mystery too add excitement 🙂


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