January reviewed


And here we are at the end of the month, and I want to reflect ahead of planning for the new month…

Things that went well include:

  • Maintaining my meditation practice – 22 day streak achieved!
  • Gratitude and achievement journal; a nice way to end the day
  • The wall tracker (see below) – I had worried this was too much tracking, but it’s working really well – I adore Habitica but there’s room for the added the visual of the streaks/trends
  • Decluttering started – nowhere near the KonMarie, but I started chucking out some long-lurking items, including clearing two shelves of books I finally admitted I was never going to read
  • Working on improving my coding – made all the easier with the discovery of Code Wars, this is now fun and nicely chunked, and very much beneficial!
  • Started back with Duolingo French, as it’s just 2 mins so even if not my top aim it’s still something
  • Started the 2 mins for another hobby/habit – early days, but did several sessions on zentangle, and more blogging/writing, which is definitely easing my sense of never doing these things!

Yay for the blue dots! Looking forward to adding more colours to February 🙂

And looking ahead:

  • I’ve picked up with The Joy Diet (again again!) as I’ve always floundered before on task 1: 15 minutes ‘nothing’ (meditation-esque) per day. Sort of done that now! Although I’ve generally been doing 10 mins, so chance to up that a little and move on with the book at long last!
  • My plans for fitness didn’t materialise in January, not least because I felt under the weather for about all of it! But we’re past the January NYR phase now, I guess, so I can also move past the mental block of how horribly busy the gym might be.
  • Social stuff was also pretty much abandoned for the month, which made for a nice break when I wasn’t feeling great, but isn’t a state I want to continue in permanently – and looky, Feb 1st/2nd both have plans already!
  • Tying the above two points: hoping more exercise gives me more energy to better keep up with all the stuff I want to do.
  • My card/month minimum was covered at the start of the month, but we’re heading for a new one now and I have birthdays to consider for end Feb and start March.
  • Miles to go with the decluttering – lucky I enjoy it! 🙂

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    • It’s too funny to hear you say that – my constant feel is that I never get anything done, really!

      Intrigued by the throw away 2016 things (if I have that right?) but I’m more about reclaiming space, however many things that translates to, for the time being. A lot of letting go of stuff that (to coin a KonMari-ism) ‘doesn’t spark joy’. Huge therapeutic, as I’m sure you’ll know! 🙂


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