Redesigning January


I read a great little article in – of all things! – the Boots freebie magazine this month, entitled “Why I’m January’s no.1 fan!”. I wouldn’t go that far, but between the advice on planning a holiday (I wish!) and ‘hibernate without fear’ (hmm), I was quite inspired by the ‘catch up on life again’ and ‘get excited about a refresh’. January 2016 might be over, but I want to revisit this next year – and do January if not ‘better’, then certainly ‘kinder’!

First off, go easy on those expectations! I’ve said all along that January is a stupid time for this ‘new year’ business – it’s dark and cold, and everyone is still scrambling to catch up after the disruption of all the festivities. Swapping overnight from the biggest indulgences of the year to the harshest abstinence is a recipe for misery – and who wants to start the year making themselves miserable?! No wonder it doesn’t work for most of us – so instead of mindlessly following this ‘tradition of suffering’, it’s high time to rethink how we want to set up our ‘blank slate’ of a new calendar!

The idea is this: January is bleak, we need to search out happiness. This is the time to calm things down again, to revel in the little things, the quiet time, and the chance to get your life back into some kind of routine after the madness of (NaNoWriMo and then) December.

I’d rather think of January (and maybe February!) as practice months on the resolutions; build up slowly rather than trying to go gung-ho – and probably falling over.

So don’t think about setting goals for the year, or making resolutions at all. Think about starting or maintaining or improving the little habits that’ll make your life easier, happier, more fun. Because THAT is surely what you really want this year! 🙂


Greet the year with a hug instead of a big stick!


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