Start (over) small


It’s so not unusual for me to have all these amazing plans – and promptly fall over (see previous post!). I get it. All the energy goes into planning before I even get to the doing.

Also, I realised the flaw with my ‘amazing calendar system’: I went from a lazy holiday time to expecting six or so neat little stickers on every single day of my tracking: exercise, guitar, creativeness, coding – nope, nope, nope. Overwhelm, much?!

So far I have two stickers: little blue circles for meditation (I’ve only skipped two days this year (breaking a 71-day streak, grr!), but I’m only tracking from this week). And… that’s kind of okay 🙂

I maintain that January is the worst possible time to start goals and resolutions. It’s dark and cold and most folk are, like me, going back to work after a phase of manic prep for the festivities followed by the slump of it all. Even if you’re just trying to pick up again with habits you were already following last year, chances are the change in routine over (late) December has thrown things a bit. To suddenly hit a day on the calendar and expect it to all go back to ‘perfect’ – or better! – is certainly unrealistic, if not downright cruel to yourself!

Right now I’m considering January/February ‘practice’ months, in prep for the REAL start of the year in March. It makes so much more sense like that (not least because ‘sept’, ‘oct’,’nov’, and ‘dec’ mean 7-10, not 9-12!) 🙂

So I will continue with my meditation, and will see about adding in more things – slowly!


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  1. Part of my planning included 2 vacation weeks. I mean if you consider that what I’m doing is work, why wouldn’t I give myself a vacation? I almost always use Christmas – New Years and “grandfather” in a week when I just couldn’t get myself to do ANYTHING. But the vacation weeks stopped the “Beat myself up at the beginning on the new year” syndrome! An idea?

    I plan things so that 5 days a week I am busy, busy, busy. But give myself a break on weekends. Same rationale. Also, there’s DH and whatever plans we may have or make, almost always on weekends. The notion that I should clean, cook, write, craft the same 7 days a week just meant that I wouldn’t do it. So, again, I gave myself a break.

    My cleaning plan, because of the PTSD had to be set up to acknowledge and reduce my stress levels, so I built in lazy time, fail time, distress time, whatever it’s called.



    • i think it was just a huge over-estimate of what was feasible. I’m not talking massive chores here – mainly little 2-minute habits – but the sheer weight of expectation to hit the ground running (or at least stumbling on!) really put me off wanting to do *anything*!

      But acknowledging all that has helped: I’m still on track with meditation, and I walked a little over a mile yesterday. Slow builds! 🙂

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