Planning the year


My new calendars and diaries have arrived! And, urm… I realise I should have had myself prepped to start using them already! So, here’s the plan:

Calendar/diary 1 are for normal stuff: birthdays, events, etc. Yawn, but having somewhere you can instantly look to see what’s happening when is important! I use Google Calendars, and Outlook at work, but nothing beats paper, imo.

More interestingly…

Calendar 2 is to follow Victoria Schwab’s tracking/motivation system (she might not have invented it, but this is where I found the idea). I get to play with stickers! I still need to decide what I’m going to track, so that’s the weekend’s goal. So far thinking exercise, writing, meditation…

[Aside: I am slightly worried this is too much tracking, as it does sort of duplicate my use of Habitica. Maybe I should have thought about that before I bought the calendar, right enough, so let’s give it a whirl! And I’m sure there are other trends I’m not ‘Habiticising’, which might prove useful to see (like, sleep and how often I skip social stuff, oops!) – and see more visually, at that.]

Diary 2 is my gratitude and achievements diary. Writing down things your are grateful for is a powerful, easy mood lifter. I’ve been playing for a while with the ‘anti-to-do’ or ‘done’ list – a quick scribble of things that make me feel like the day’s been worthwhile, in however a small or mundane way. Totally recommend this, btw!

So, everything is in place… and I’m having a bit of a pause! Nothing like going gung-ho to make my contrary little brain give me a great big ‘Nope’. Sigh. Lazy weekend it is, then, and I have very few plans for the week ahead.

I should probably have a whole other blog post about that, but for now let’s just go with: we are not robots. Life is not about mechanically working your way through a set of tasks, no matter how great the intentions. So relax. Let it happen because you want it – and if ‘it’ is rest and sleep, pay attention and do that!

Now, where’s the TV remote…? 😉


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