Shiny New Year!



Happy New Year! 🙂

Despite my general agreement with the concept that ‘resolutions aren’t good’ (habits are the way to go, of course), this is still a shiny new calendar start, and I’ve been thinking about mine. A little late? Well yes, but my excuse is that it’s not realistic to start too much in the way of great intentions before the reality of a full day’s work kicks in!

More energy is going to be a focus this year, I’ve decided – read the perfect line, “you need more energy rather than more time” – so true! So, there’s two ‘resolutions’: the return of ‘prioritise sleep’, and to feel less guilty about skipping stuff.

I think a lot of that dates back (oh, all of a couple of years?!) to me being a complete hermit, and always studying – I do feel guilty if I don’t take the opportunities in front of me. But, I was finding towards the end of last year that even just three nights out a week could feel too much – and between ‘fixed’ Thursday writing group and Friday cinema, I only needed one extra event to tip me over. That said, I don’t want to deny spontaneity, so I can see me skipping writing and/or cinema more, too – and, as a corollary, I’m going to have to be flexible with ‘daily habits’ occasionally. Overall, I want 2016 to be a little less frantic, when I need it to be.

Which is part of “Be good to future calypte” – she is me, after all! This captures a whole swirly set of ideas around being organised, and doing things that will make my life better in the future, be that sleep (quite an immediate future) or more exercise (longer term, mainly).

I am having to come to terms with the fact that there is just too darn much on my ‘want to do’ list. Nothing really new, but everything from writing to coding to cards, and a ton in between. So I find ‘scheduling’ is on the cards, too – which needs more planning. Creativity, learning, socialising, relaxing (properly!), taking care of myself – I want to do it all. That is after all why this is a Scanner’s blog!

It’s important, I think, to look not just at the huge list of things I want to do, but also to reassure myself that there are things I’m pushing back. Launching my ‘habits’ blog, for instance – wanna, but going just continue here with the ideas of it all, and polish some of it more. Textile crafts have been calling for a while, but they’re hitting the ‘not yet’ pile in favour of going back to calligraphy and zentangling for my creative pursuits – along with card making, of course! And while I do think a daily five minutes with Duolingo was helping last year, I’m not sure I’m ready to use up time this year committing to that again – we’ll see.

So, where to begin?! Well, I’ve ordered myself two calendars and two diaries so far:

  • A big calendar to use for tracking/motivation, as per the lovely Victoria Schwab’s idea – bonus: I get to play with stickers! The idea is to use different colours of stickers to reward myself for achieving the different things I want to in a day/month, e.g. exercise, writing, creativity, learning, meditation, etc. Details to be finalised.
  • A slimline calendar for normal planning e.g. events, etc.
  • A small diary to carry around with me for much the same.
  • An A5 diary to be used as a gratitude/achievement diary – celebrate tiny successes! 🙂
  • Plus, and old, unused diary (why I still have this…?) for my page per day project – resurrecting this.

I’ve also got a couple of other plans, which will be in upcoming blog posts.

Next steps:

  • impatiently wait for calendars/diaries to arrive and kick myself for leaving it so late to order!
  • figure out some of the details for the ideas above esp. re scheduling in the meantime
  • get on with today’s habits! 🙂

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