Picking the right goals

Picking the right goals

With two and a half days left in the year, one of my current tasks has become reading/finishing ‘enough’ books to hit my 2015 Goodreads challenge. This was 65, which I liked for being 1/week, plus 1/month, plus an extra 1 for the year. And also proven achievable 😉

But I’ve decided that there won’t be a 2016 reading challenge – at least, not one based on number of books read. It’s so arbitrary, anyway: I’ve got a couple of sub-50 page things in there, just to balance out the 800+ page ones, and it was all rather too deliberate.

No, in 2016 I’m going to read what I want to read, and not care if it’s 65 books, or 16 (really really long!?) books! I might – might – set myself some smaller challenges, around things other than number of books. Or, most likely, I’ll set myself a goal of having x fewer unread novels on my bookshelves and/or kindle ‘new’ list! Let’s face it: I love the scoring off of a finished book almost as much as I love reading – I’m unlikely to read less just because I’m not aiming for a certain total!

This is an idea I want to ponder for all of the possible ‘goals’ for the coming year: is it important, is it useful – or, is it in fact slightly harmful, in that I’m measuring the wrong thing for the wrong reasons?


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