NaNo15 – day 9


I’m leaving myself notes all over the place, with notes like “this needs to have happened before I get to this scene,” or, “need a big ‘drama’ moment at the quarter point, so before this.” Lots of restructuring, in other words – but, the more I NaNo, the more I realise that all of that is something to sort LATER. Right now, I can get the words – and yes, the notes – down, and when I have some material to rearrange then I can deal with that stuff.

And that also points to the fact that more planning next time would be hugely beneficial. Pantsing is good to try, but outlining… that appeals! 🙂

I may also have discovered a good ‘trick’ to get some more words out, painlessly. Ish. I’ve been trying to take at least 15 minutes of my lunch break to get some words racked up. I’m already a huge fan of sprints, but knowing that my break is limited and that I’m expecting myself to get some of the daily total eased off the evening, I have to just go for it.

Today I forgot to download the up to date copy of my manuscript so far. Instead, I started with a blank page, and the gist of where I’d left off last night. And got 753 words done!! I didn’t time myself exactly – was probably closer to 25-30 minutes, but wooo!

Now just to put in some evening effort to make it even more of an accomplishment! 🙂 (13K just passed!)


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