NaNo15 – day 7


Been slacking a bit the last few days, and sliding on the word count. Just so exhausted all the time! It transfers to my writing, that state: yesterday’s output largely involved my MC trying to get over the flu, lying on the sofa watching tv and thinking woeful thoughts. Yeah, guessing that bit might get cut! o_O

The advice I need to be following is this: Don’t let your MC be stationary. Think, what’s the worst thing that could happen to him/her in this scene – and then be cruel! Action, action, action!

On that front, I’ve been having thoughts about my approach. I think I’m still stuck in ‘reader’ mode, where I start at the beginning and work my way linearly through my story. Part of that, I reasoned, was allowing me to discover the story as I went, and slot in any pre-known scenes where they naturally fitted.

Aside: over my four years of Nano’ing, one hugely useful thing I have come to acknowledge is that the first draft really REALLY can be rubbish! Terry Pratchett said that the first (or ‘zero’) draft is you telling yourself the story. So let it be duff; it’s just about getting into the story-space and discovering stuff along the way.

Back to writing methods. The lovely Victoria Schwab tweeted yesterday that she starts in the middle, and works outwards in both directions. Another author wrote about writing scenes first, and then later generating the connective tissue, as it were.

Today I’m definitely wondering if this is where I’m going wrong – or at least, if trying another approach would help! The connecting bits are probably the dull bits – leaving them ’til last has a certain sense to it.

And there – I’ve already written twice as much here as I have done on my novel this morning. Time to go insert some kick-ass action into proceedings!

Happy scribblings, peeps 🙂


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