When hobbies attack


This week, one of my colleagues is leaving (sniff). Last week, another suggested – since I do that sort of thing (!) – that I could make the leaving card. I was even given a ‘theme’ – luckily by text, so the swearing in my response wasn’t audible!

So, goodbye quiet weekend – hello, stressing out about something I’m supposed to find fun…

Or, in the spirit of rephrasing – can I see this as a nudge to engage in an oft-ignored hobby, practice another one that I’ve been ‘meaning’ to pick back up for a while, and overall a challenge to stretch myself a little, with both?! I guess I should try!

Of course, how much I appreciate the experience overall will largely depend on how well the end result turns out. But in the meantime, the excuse to play with my impressive but seriously underused collection of pens, and muck about with rainbow-coloured card – I mean, it’s not the worse thing in the world! Hell, spending Sunday evening colouring in was something I’m sure I used to absolutely adore!

tl;dr: stop whining about ‘have to do’, and get on with enjoying.


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