8/52 Changes – Mindful eating (1)

8/52 Changes – Mindful eating (1)

Still not fully back on the horse, so to speak, but pressing on nonetheless. Happy to report all the health stuff went well, and sleep is returned and helping immensely! 🙂

In this phase of low energy, it seemed like an idea to stop adding new things to my daily to-do list (especially when I wasn’t exactly doing the old things…!) and instead try the _not_ doing. We also had the start of Lent, which after all these years still says, “Give up chocolate” to me – I may not hold the same beliefs these days, but a set period for change is right up my street!

I haven’t fully renounced chocolate, even for the 40 days, but I realised that it was turning into a daily thing. Now, I’m hugely opposed to the idea of ‘diets’ (in the common definition), but I would care to lose a bit of the flab. So cutting out the sweets and random snacking seemed like a grand idea!

To begin with, it went pretty well: we have a fruit basket in work, so I tucked into that more (yeah, I know fruit is full of sugar, but as a first step it’s a great change!). I gave myself the slogan, “Embrace the smug” – y’know, that sense of angelic pride that you’re avoiding the random temptation 😉

Okay, so it’s slipped a little as things went on – a scone to celebrate clear MRI results, cake on a birthday, accepting a handful of chocs at the cinema. I’m okay with that, to be honest: this isn’t about depriving myself, it’s about healthier choices as the norm, and the extras as rarer treats.

There is *so* much room for this habit to grow – hence the ‘1’ in the title. I intend to start measuring my rice/pasta portions, for instance – another quick fix. The book goes further still, including things like eating in silence – it’s my prime tv-watching time, so might build up to that one  (or not!), but I am finding it almost easier to say my ‘default’ choice should be the healthier one, unless I am very desperately craving something – and y’know, that genuinely happens way less than you’d imagine!

Last thought for this one: a lot of the ‘choices’ start with the shopping list. I bought chocolate – I ate chocolate (but only at the weekend!). Thankfully I really enjoy cooking, and filling my shopping list with healthy veggies. Can you see me embracing the smug right there? 😉 LOL!

Trying to share some of my healthy cooking over at my newish blog, ApplyJellyJam

. There’s been no apples, jelly or jam so far, but lots of soup. Growing weekly – pop by and say ‘hi’ 🙂


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  1. I find Smug to be an oft over looked, massively under appreciated life flavour. Go for it lady…you wrap your arms around it and give it a good old bear hug! I swear, it’s really good for you (as a treat, not as the norm 😉 )

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