6/52 Changes – Learning… and pause!

6/52 Changes – Learning… and pause!

Last week I chose my 6th change habit – learning – and merrily planned my week of learning all these wonderful things that intrigue me. My list of things I’d like to ‘learn’ is huge, from brushing up on work stuff, new coding stuff including mobile apps, revising old maths and data stuff (yeah, I am a total geek! ;)) and then a random course called ‘Intro to Dutch’ flashed up that also intrigued me, plus an in-depth investigation of the Much Ado About Nothing performance I’m booked up to see soon.

It’s a big list. It’s an overwhelming list, at times – and that’s without including any of my ‘wanna’ creative hobbies that could just as well be classed as learning, be it new card-making techniques or guitar playing. The 52 Change focus on habits, though, makes it all seem that much more attainable: one thing at a time, just a little bit – but *consistently*. My evenings are already pretty full, but if I could commit to a longer session at the weekend (say, the coding) then the busy/tired evenings I would do five minutes of reading – not the best way to learn, but still familiarising oneself with the topic and language of it.

Sounds perfect. Shall we begin?

No. Instead, we’ll hit a period of insomnia. I’m getting to sleep fine (and more or less aiming for those week 3/52 early nights!), just waking up too much and too early. I’ve been super-tired, tetchy and grumpy. Doing any of my habits was a struggle – let alone one like learning.

It’s not been a total loss – I haven’t totally given up trying. But it does leave me thinking about how to cope with weeks like this. Do I press on with the new habit, or focus in on the earlier choices?

I’m going with the latter. I’ve picked well, I think, for my own wants, needs, and lifestyle. If I manage nothing else, let’s make sure meditation is in there. If I’m struggling to find time of an evening, do the exercise and leave the writing for a day or so. And most definitely prioritise sleep when I need it! These are the habits that I feel are core to improving my life, so there’s absolutely no point in letting them slip for the newer ideas.

So, a rough week. But I’m pleased to find that even in a week of exhaustion, I’ve still done a few zumba sessions, written a few pages, etc. And I still want to press on with the whole idea! This week ahead, though, I’m not going to pick a new habit, or even push too much with the sixth: I’m going to try and stick better to the earlier ones, and sneak in ‘learning’ sessions when/where I can, without worrying too much if they’re daily habits yet.



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