5/52 Changes – Declutter


There are four chapters of the book dedicated to ‘clearing’ (five if you count your inbox) starting with ‘a shelf’ and working its way up to ‘a room’. Since I’ve been wanting and meaning to tidy up the carnage of Christmas card making since, well, Christmas, I sort of jumped straight towards the ‘room’!

My own rules for this one were clear: every day, put something back in its place (even – or maybe especially – if that place turned out to be the bin). Just one thing was sufficient. At this point, I have five daily habits to hit, so I need to keep everything small and manageable. And more than the rest so far, this one has proved that tiny steps really can add up to a difference: it’s been next to zero effort to stick to this goal this week, and yet my spare room is starting to look usable again. Tidying the whole room has been a daunting task hanging over me since the New Year, and looky: it sort of happened without me noticing.

And maybe that’s the kicker: all of these habits creeping into my life sort of without me noticing. I know the whole ethos of the book was ‘not about self-improvement’, and yet it kind of is.

I sort of saw this goal as a time-limited one, something that I could finish and not end up trying to juggle 26 daily tasks come June, or 52 come year-end! And yet, I think it’ll stick around: there’s always something that could do with a little uncluttering, and it feels good to slot something back into it’s tidy resting place 🙂


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