4/52 Changes – Writing

4/52 Changes – Writing

Week 4 and I’ve gone entirely off script already! 😉

Writing has become a bigger part of my life of late, since I’ve been not just participating but helping run the Edinburgh region NaNoWriMo. The latter, I think, convinced me that since I was trying to encourage all these people to write then I should possibly do a little more myself. And beyond that, it’s just not satisfying any more to do a manic month of disappointing quality and never really feeling I’m improving. So, I came up with my own challenge: a page-per-day journal, and every day I’d fill a page with random fiction or ideas.

Hey – doesn’t that sound like a habit? 😉

I’ve actually been doing this one for an extra week. I bought the journal and it seemed daft to wait an extra week, so I considered it a practice week. And it was fun! I got some random nonsense out, made a few notes that might be useful in times to come, and started to see some patterns in my writing, already. Each page is only holding about 200 words, which is manageable even when I’m sleepy. I love the accumulating pages of my handwritten scrawl, the crinkling as I flick through; and I love the feeling that I’m making time for a hobby that means a great deal to me.

I’m just exploring ideas at the moment, getting into a habit. I’m hoping eventually to pick an idea that I want to grow.

My actual week of this habit – last week – was less successful on the habits front, all ’round. I dunno – maybe I was needing a wee break? Exercise was the biggest, struggle, but even the early nights were slipping. On the latter, actually, I think I found my goal a little too fuzzy: was it to get to bed by a certain time, the no-screen time, the several things in my routine? So, need to concrete that one up going forwards – I’m more tired again, and it does make things more difficult.

But then I sat and worked out what I had done (my motivational tracking has been patchy – think I need to move it offline), and realised I hadn’t missed as much as I thought. More, the extra lazy time hadn’t made me happier, so I hit Sunday and new habit day with a fresh feeling of commitment.

Between habits and just regular life, things can get busy. But even if I stick to these things imperfectly, every little really does help. As someone once said, we tend to overestimate what we can do in a day, and yet underestimate what we can do in a year – if we keep doing those little bits.

Consistency: a habit I’m pushing on with 🙂


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