1/52 Changes – Meditation


Week one complete! The first habit experiment both in the book and my own attempts was meditation. I’ve done classes in meditation before, so I know how it goes and that I enjoy it. However, the real ‘lesson’ from this week was the whole setting up a habit: one at a time, start small, and find a ‘trigger’.

Now, none of this is news, and yet somehow setting myself the challenge to follow this seems to have made it click!

The meditation has been good to get back to. The ‘just two minutes’ has helped more than anything; previously the classes had me aiming for 20, so when it got late I often skipped it. As ‘they’ always say, once you start you often keep going, and this I have!

As for triggers, I’ve been easing myself in by using meditative music online, so it’s been my last ‘thing’ before I turn the pc off for the evening, except weekends where it works great in the mornings.

The week’s over, but I’m planning to stick to this one. I’m not going to push for longer, just let it evolve – into a proper habit! 🙂 One thing I am doing is trying to get more used to the ‘usual’ posture, which feels much more doable at 2 mins.

So far (hah, one week!) so good! I’m really excited about where this could lead: the meta-learning of being able to develop a habit (and stick to it) is the start of so many improvements…! But hey: one step at a time.

Another change for week 2 – in two ways: first, I’m shifting the habit-week start to Sunday. Okay, this is largely due to being out all day yesterday and not making the new decision about what week two would be! But Sundays work: gives me Saturday to finish one and move to the next. Until next week…!


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