NaNo is coming…


Well, it’s that time of year again. The clocks have gone back (I spent my extra hour reading, of course!), the weather’s turning very autumnal, and this time next week I should have written about two thousand words of my new piece of fiction…! Yup, winter is coming – and so is NaNoWriMo!

This is my third attempt, and I’m still stupidly excited about it: a whole month where my main focus is writing – something I love but which gets pushed to the not-happening kinda corners of my life. It feels like a meditative opportunity: mindfulness, narrowing of focus. It’s also an indulgent opportunity in more ways than one: my plans already involve comfort foods, mood music, hot baths, and much drinking of lattes in coffee shops with like-minded fiends (sic)!

Of course, there’s also a huge ton of trepidation. My sketchy planning isn’t as advanced as I’d (hah!) planned; maybe my idea is rubbish – or just the wrong one to have picked at all. And the time – I’ve stupidly booked what feels like every other evening through the month for random fun stuff, that’s not sensible! And don’t get me started on prepping for birthdays, and Christmas, and just life in general – argh, why am I not more ahead with everything already !?!!

And still. Still I’m looking forward to this season of madness. I will rise to the challenge, and come out of it a better person, at least briefly: one who squeezes worthwhile activity into every little corner, and feels more alive because of it all!

And in the end – well, I’ll have 50K words of story, out of my head and on to paper. And this year I might even press on and edit something out of November’s messy, manic, joyful scrawl!


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