Review: The Jennifer Morgue


I thoroughly enjoyed Charles Stross’ first Laundry Files book, The Atrocity Archives, although I did mistakenly take it for a first book – it was just a little rough around the edges, I thought. Book 2, The Jennifer Morgue, manages to overcome that without losing any of the sense of fun along the way.

Our unlikely hero, Bob Howard, finds himself caught up in some fishy goings on as an evil megalomaniac attempts to raise an ancient artifact from the ocean’s depths. Only, there’s something else down there that doesn’t really want to let go…

The more we find out about this strange world the more I like it! There’s a sort-of logic to the ideas of the non-human presence(s) on Earth, and the mathematics of raising demons from other dimensions. More, the casual blend of the fantastic along with the most banal elements of the civil service just made me go, yeah, they so would!

Recommended, then – 3.5/5 – although obviously you have to start with book one. I can’t wait to start the third now!


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