Review: 13 Ways to Get the Writing Done Faster


Although this wasn’t directed at me (given I write for fun and ‘art’, not for profit) there were a few bits of useful advice, including:

  • Write what you want to write – there’s no point trying to over-schedule so that you can’t take advantage of inspiration. You end up blocked, wanting to do something else but then feeling too guilty to do that ‘else’ because you’ve decided you ‘should’ be doing the first thing (this is the story of my life, not just on writing!).
  • Follow up ideas as soon as you can – if you do a bit of research, write while the inspiration is there rather than having to come back and reread notes and re-find the headspace.
  • Start writing anywhere – i.e., in the middle, as the beginning/end can be more tricky – don’t let that block you. I’m more likely to think I have a semi-inspired start but no idea on the middle, so flipping this might be useful..!
  • Write in the flow, if you can, and leave references/fact checking til the end.

All good, but overall the writing-for-money attitude came across to me as a bit to mercenary. A good deal of the focus (and it’s a very short ‘book’!) was on interviewing, which wasn’t of any interest at all. Further, the style – a chatty interchange between the two authors – felt a little… I dunno, unprofessional?

Great for a wee freebie, but I admit I wasn’t the target audience.


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