Review: Magic Mike


I expected this to be more of a light-hearted fun kind of a thing, but to be honest all the angst of life left me a little cold. I also have to admit that I just can’t quite get along with Steven Sodorburgh’s style, from the yellow-lit, bleached out colour palette to the meandering pace and lack of neat endings.

Bar one… urm… ‘preparation’… scene, there seemed little to shock. The stripping veers between fun and silly-tawdry (maybe it’s just me, I can’t imagine why anyone would want a stranger, however buff, shoving their crotch in your face repeatedly). Mainly it’s about the two characters: Mike of the title, going through his life crises, and the new recruit ‘Kid’ – whose vapidness swiftly irritated.

Big takeaway for me: for a chunky bloke, Channing Tatum can seriously move – I’m rather impressed by the dancing!


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