Review: A Blink of the Screen


(I should write more reviews. And/or, I should include more of them on my own page!)

A Blink of the Screen: Collected Shorter Fiction is just that – a collection of short stories and other writings – by Terry Pratchett.

The first story here was written – and published – when PTerry was just 13: it’s heckova impressive for that! It also shows that his style was in place even then, although we also get a few more divergences that showed me, at least, a slightly different side to his writing. While most remains whimsical, I was quite taken by the sci-fi ideas in a few.

From a writing point of view it’s intriguing to see the short story that became The Carpet People (or was it Truckers, I always get those confused) – in fact, as much here as I remember of the whole (albeit short) book. Will likewise be interesting to read The Long Earth and see how it compares with the short beginning here – and shows that the novel isn’t based in Stephen Baxter’s past output, despite the similarities to books such as Origin.

The Discworld shorts are a little more familiar, but I really enjoyed the slightly less obvious inclusions – the Ankh-Morpork National Anthem and Lord Vetinari’s speech on the twinning of his city to Wincanton, Somerset, for instance.

3.5 stars, as it’s enjoyable but pretty throwaway, but mostly for fans – which is everyone who’d pick this up really, isn’t it?


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