Happy February


For February’s Happiness Project, I’ve come up with a snappy tag line: “Weeding and Seeding

This is a two-pronged approach, to my habits. On the one hand, uprooting all of those negative things that have taken hold in my life and attempting to banish them. I acknowledge that, like weeds, this isn’t a one-step attack. However, by clearing some space I can then sow (hey – it’s cold and ick out there, gardening metaphors are happy!) some more positive habits – and if I can nurture those over the rest of the year they will also help crowd out the weeds from growing back.

Year of the Horse

Of course, this isn’t a jettisoning of January’s aims – in fact, I did *so well* with those (snort!) that I’m happy to have the repeat reminder! It’s all about energy: prioritising sleep, eating well, getting some exercise; decluttering mind (meditation) and surroundings (more weeding!).

February also marks the start of the Chinese New Year of the Horse. I like this idea of a ‘new year’ every month 😉 But it’s a good chance to wipe January’s somewhat abortive attempts at resolutions and start fresh.

Here’s to happiness, and a productive and cheery February!


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