Happy January


Woohoo – it’s 2014! A whole shiny new year to make plans for…!

I’m starting over with a new, 2014 Happiness Project. This is about slowly changing my habits for the better, clearing space in my life or polishing it up a little, so that I can appreciate what I have, more. Each month there’s a new chance to tackle a different area of my choosing. I’ve been rereading the book and I wholeheartedly agree with January’s aims for increased energy, or vitality, as an excellent set up for the rest of the year.

First and most obvious is prioritising sleep. Stop with the ‘one more game…’ type mentality (a little less harsh on the ‘one more chapter’, but then that’s been ingrained for about 3 decades…! 🙂 ) and see sleep as the biggest single thing I can pursue to make my life easier, happier and healthier.

This also requires me being a bit more organised, and not hitting bedtime (which isn’t a time as much as an acknowledgement that I’m tired) with a list of chores still to do.

Organisation and decluttering feature in Gretchen’s January, both physical (seeing things that need tidied, or sorted) and mental (those nagging tasks that follow you around, never seeming to get done) – and they deserve a place in my plans, too. Along with the two mentioned, I think my own ‘scanner’ list of things I want to be doing, but never do, is also an energy drain. Feeling I ‘should’ be doing thing A, when my interest is (however momentarily) with thing Z is energy-zapping, too – with obvious caveats that I can’t/won’t abandon the laundry to play chess (but then, why not…?!).

More, I think dragging around all of these yearnings and never allowing myself to do anything else with them is killing my passion for life – and passion is energising! Of course, when I say ‘never allow’ I mean ‘get too scared to try’ – so it’s time to sort that! I’m introducing what I’m calling 2 Minute Habits: do anything, everything, as often as possible – but just for the 2 minutes it takes to keep my hand in. If it goes on longer, great – this’ll really reconnect me with doing what I really want to be doing! More on this later.

So, decluttering – fighting the overwhelm. Use things up, get through the hoard – movies, books, tv shoes, craft supplies, toiletries – argh!! I can see a no-spend February ahead, methinks…!

And, of course, the obvious: eat healthily, and get more exercise. My vague aim is to rejoin a gym maybe May-ish time, and there is plenty of fitness improvement to be seen before then.

Finally – for now! – I’ve also started rereading The Joy Diet. Nothing to do with food (that might make it into another month’s plans!), but rather more about increasing happiness through daily practices. There are ten steps, but rather than the one per week suggestion, I’m thinking one per month. Item one is ‘nothing’ – as in, do nothing for 15 minutes each day. Which gets me back to a meditation practice – fits right in with a ‘vitalising’ January!

Parting thought: are your resolutions making you happy?



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