NaNo13 Week3


Looky – it’s the start of the final week. Sidebar widget tells me I have 12.5K words to go. That’s not a lot in which to figure out how to get my main character over that finish line…!

The past week has been pretty good, both in terms of advancing my plot – got a pivotal scene down and am half happy with it – and word count. After last Saturday’s mega 4k I was dubious about Sunday being productive, and more so Monday (which never is, post-work). And yet both days I got about target – add a bonus write in (fuelled by oh so delicious orange hot chocolate!) on Tuesday and I was suddenly more than a whole day ahead. Woo!

Of course, I squandered it by crashing out on Friday night, but so it goes šŸ™‚

Tips to share from my week would therefore be: make full use of write ins for continued motivation, support, and word-amassing sprints. Oh, and try not to stress about the fact that your diet may have become 90% cheese-based by this point, you’ve got plenty of time to eat proper food again next week!


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