NaNo13 Week2


Saturday was a crazy good day. I was in the creative spirit after a card making workshop – always feel like a creative soul when I’m covered in ink or other craft supplies 😉 – and I managed to find the ‘new’ (to me) Saturday write in place. Where over the course of 2.5 hours, a cheese toastie, coffee and a black forest gateau hot chocolate (nom, but sticky!) I rattled out 4007 words, and got back on target!! Whooo!!

Can’t say that they’re desperately good words, or even ones that progress my plot. But they are helping me get my world building out of my head!

This week’s approach – which I think I got to sometime around 11pm on Friday night (!) – is inspired by Julia Cameron, who (in the lovely Right to Write) wrote about writing being less of a struggle if you listen and transcribe, rather than trying to force words to march to your say-so. I so much want a story/plot/all that, but if what’s ready to come forth from my fingers today is a random aside about meeting a goblin in the bathroom, then so be it, I guess!! o_O


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