NaNo13 Week1


Day 1 was tough – all my online support group talking about starting at midnight, well ahead of the game by the time I get home from work still to put pen to paper! Eeep! Sort of ‘forget’ that last year I wasn’t working full time when I took on this challenge…! Still, first night keenness and I finished ahead of the game a little 🙂

Day 2, thankfully a weekend, and I polished off all bar 80 of the day’s target before breakfast. Woo! And I liked those words a little better than the previous day – most of day 1’s output will be binned, I already know, as it’s too much exposition. Still.

Day 3 and I hit a funk – so soon! I just can’t be bothered opening that document for typing 😦 Doesn’t help that half the fb group has had a semi-rant about how useless sprints are (“Darling, the quality – it’s just not there!”) which has sort of made me feel that my scribbles to date are useless. I don’t believe that – and I think sprints are the perfect way of turning off the brain and getting something down. And it worked – wrote 1800 over the day 🙂

Days 4-7 were mixed, a little down, a little over, rinse and repeat. Writing on work days = tough!

Finished week 1 slightly under par – by just 230 words – so feeling pretty okay about that! Three things I’ve found motivating: one was looking at my word count from last year, where I see I had started to get quite far behind by this point. So, already doing ‘better’ than last year!

Secondly, (re)reading some of the inspiration chats, and part of ‘No Plot, No Problem’ has reminded me not to take this too seriously. Part of ‘the wall’ is, for me, getting too precious about my story. This doesn’t make sense, can’t see how to move this bit forwards, oh this bit is dull. This is NaNo – throw all of that aside, and just scribble!

The other thing was finally making a ‘real’ write-in, where 7 or so of us sat in a coffee shop with our laptops. It’s harder to get distracted with so many other so industrious around you, I think, and while there were the occasional breaks for banter it was also fab to say “I’m stuck!” and have someone toss a random idea at you! And so there’s a surprisingly well-fitting scene appeared in mine that involves a surprise fish, a cat, and a coin being coughed up…!!


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