Starting over


Starting Over

Well hello, strange blog and whatever readers may stumble this way! I have been remiss: the journey to fix that starts with one entry at a time…!

With that title – “starting over” – I don’t just mean with the blog. The main reason for my typing absence has been a new job – and more than that, a whole new career! I’m a little bit proud of that – the ‘wrong’ side of thirty is not an easy time to change direction. But it means I now spend my days ticking off one of the major areas of my ‘scanner’ self: geekery 🙂

Still, it’s time to start looking at reintroducing that semi-mythical balance I keep banging on about. Hello, creativity! And what better way to plunge straight back in than with NaNoWriMo!

Of course that’s still a week and a half off – plenty of time to be thinking about all the other things on my ‘balanced scorecard’ (to misappropriate a business term!). I *need* to improve my fitness: only then will I have anything approaching the energy I need for the lifestyle I really want! Along with that is a healthy diet, so there’s loads of cooking to be done 🙂 And I am *so* behind in making a start on my Christmas cards…!

Welcome back, and here’s to the journey 🙂


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