I’ve been slacking!


There comes a point where you realise you can’t fully account for your time over the past… well, too long! What HAVE I been doing with myself?

Well, job hunting – incredibly time consuming and not a little stressful! But otherwise I’m finding myself sadly lacking on the getting on with the stuff I keep saying I want to do front!

Back in March I was reading Barbara Sher’s Wishcraft, and one of the ideas from it that really appealed was that of keeping an actions (and feelings) journal. The point is to track all the little actions that you might otherwise dismiss, but which total together to real progress towards your goals. The feelings part can then highlight that you don’t need to wait until you’re feeling ‘good’ to be making a difference!

So far, my actions journal has been full of rather mundane things – chores, mostly. Then I decided to start adding post-its of what I wanted to be doing…

I’m calling it my Scanner Stack – all those projects and areas of interest I want to be spending my time doing. Building a recipes website that lets you search by ingredient, making cards, writing, getting fit, drawing, playing the guitar, revamping my wardrobe – I just have to flick through those post-it notes for the list.

I’m the first to admit I’ve procrastinated over all of these for too long now. The action journal is my first step to identifying and acknowledging these things.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirr of job applications and interviews. Fingers crossed, I won’t actually have as much time soon but between that and the slog of revision last week, I’m acutely aware right now of how precious my free time is – and how much better use I could be making of it!


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