The Joys of Organising


post it notes

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a Scanner, or a lovely bonus to it all, but if you want to have multiple projects, etc, then a good dose of organisation is key – and a fabulous excuse to buy/play with stationary. Hurrah! 🙂

Pinterest is a big fav, and recently I stumble across links to this lovely blog and fabulous idea. I has shiny new notebook and an excuse to buy post-its in a range of colours – what could be better?! 🙂

A possible addition: an archive – I’m thinking I’ll duplicate the topic headings at the front and back (with different coloured tabs, natch! ;)) and store the ‘done’ post-its as a way of tracking progress – very motivating! Maybe I’ll even put dates on them?

I still need to figure out how/if this relates to my Scanner Daybook, which I plan to start soon – well, no reason not to have both! AND a living quarters map…

Caveat: There is a tiny voice in my head telling me that I tend towards too much time planning over the actually doing. Yup, guilty. But right now I’m putting off the organising for fear of doing too much planning… and still not getting to the doing! My response to myself: chill! Half the point of this is to be happy, so whether it’s planning or throwing my hands up and refusing to plan – I’ll go with whatever works in the moment 😉

Next posts: March’s happiness project goal (yeah, a lil bit late – it relates to the above, honest!   ), and a pull-apart of the accomplishment journal idea. Cos I need more paperwork 😉


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