Happy New Year!


year-of-the-water-snakeNo, I’m not a couple of months late – today is the lunar (aka Chinese) new year, and the start of the year of the (water) snake. Which is good! And generally a good excuse for a fresh start: on life, and on this too-abandoned blog.

(Can’t believe it was October since I last wrote. Eeep!) <- actually, I pretty much have been on hiatus in that time, recovering from the MSc et al. So… I’m totally in the mood for new beginnings šŸ™‚ I’ve managed to find my copy of Refuse to Choose – the Scanner bible! – and am feeling poised: *finally* ready to take on the Scanner lifestyle I’ve wanted for so long.

Exercise, socialising, exploring, learning (at my own pace) – all things for this year. I chose ‘curiosity’ to be my word for 2013, and I’ve started my own, gentle version of a Happiness Project. This year things ARE different – I’m job hunting, I’ve passed all my exams – so I’m up for having as much fun as I can while I figure out how all this ‘free time’ stuff actually works!

So, stay tuned – 2013 should be an exciting year! šŸ™‚


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