NaNo NaYes!


So… here we are. Degree done and dusted (and importantly, passed! :)) – and time to get started on all those fun things I’ve been pushing off for so long!

So far I’ve done … urm… yeah, not much! Apart from buying yet more craft stuff, which we’re agreed is the hobby – not the making, the buying, right?! 😉 Otherwise it turned out I was hugely in need of a holiday – of the falling over in a lazy wee heap for a while!

However, all that is on the change as I attempt to reconnect with one of my longest-standing goals: I’ve wanted to be a writer for about a quarter of a century now, and more than half of that I’ve been moving further away from the ‘dream’. No more! I’ve signed myself up for National November Writing Month – NaNoWriMo – and scribbled some rough outlining for the tale I will attempt to tell via 50k words written over 30 days – no editing, no getting stuck in the perfectionism, just sheer scribble-tastic progress! 🙂 I don’t want to talk about it (first rule of NaNo… nah ;)) too much as I do end up putting myself off, but apart from a few hiccups on the what and nerves about possible crushing failure I am soooooo excited about all this!

Failure? Well, can’t fail any more than never writing anything! And I expect it to be crap – I’m courting the crap! Only by getting pen to paper, lather, rinse and repeating, will I ever get any further forward!

I’m still working on so many other aspects of my life, but reaching out for one thing I know I’ve never wavered over at least wanting to try feels like… well, it feels good! 🙂


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  1. is it wrong that I got distracted, from my desire to cheer your achievement to DO, by echoing thoughts of “oooh, I wonder what craft stuff she bought?!”

    Can’t wait to read ya.


    • It’s a definite sign that you’re hooked, too 😉 Mainly Christmas pressies – sm got a die cutting machine (like mine… :)) and a few small bits for myself.

      And – thanks! This one is purely ‘practice’, no pressure on myself! But it’ll be so much fun to give it all a go 🙂


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