Reviews: courses, soundtracks and books!


I love scribbling. Urm, duh, I know! 😉 But freed from coursework for a while I’ve had a mini-splurge of reviews and wow but does it feel great to get good feedback!

Recently then, I pontificated about:

My diploma course in Management and Leadership – it turned into a lot of work, but since I now have the bit of paper it was time to tell the world about what this involved and why it was worth my time.

Tron Legacy album coverTron:Legacy – the soundtrack

I wasn’t too impressed with the movie, but man do I love the score! Far more orchestral than the Daft Punk tag would maybe lead you to believe, and yet with just enough of a hint of electronica to make it something a bit different from the other 101 film scores that I own!

Review here.

Final Empire coverMistborn book 1: The Final Empire

As with film scores, I own and read a LOT of fantasy novels, and after a while they do tend to become just a wee bit same-y. This, though, while following a fairly standard plot (young ragamuffin turns out to have great power, blah blah) had a nicely novel system of magic and extremely tantalising hints of a back story I was just itching to find out more about!

Full review here.



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