Cooking Experiments, 2011


Cooking is a great combination of creative and practical – and one of my scanner ‘projects’: to try new food, to improve my skills. As prompted by someone organised, here’s a note of 2011’s new recipes:

Roasted Root Veg Cobbler

Have made this a couple of times now, with varying results – largely due to messing about with quantities to make this just for one. First time was gorgeous, but I had put in more than half the tin of condensed soup – and not sure I was ‘meant’ to be using a creamy one, although it was gooooood! – and it did get a bit sickly near the end! I struggled a bit with the roasting of the veg (tried to do it in the casserole dish, to less success) and wasn’t sure if I was meant to leave the remaining stock in with the veg – probably, to dilute that soup!root veg cobbler

Second time I tried to cut corners and pre-boil rather than roast the veg: between that and the lower soup quantity, the flavour really did suffer.

The real surprise win from this though was that cobbler recipe! Mine was entirely gloopy-sticky so I really didn’t think it was going to work too well – but it did, and it was yum! Really light – I did try and stretch it relatively thinly over the top – and with the herbs it added a lot of flavour to the whole dish. Best bit of it!

Recommended as a healthy and actually not too time-consuming yummy meal.

Liven Yourself Up Lentil Soup

… an okay-ish lentil soup. I jazzed mine up a bit and it was still only okay. End result wasn’t exactly liquid enough to be soup (the lentils I chose didn’t mush, either) but it feels uber-healthy and wasn’t as bad as my haphazard spicing method had me fearing! 😉 (source)

Honey Plum Chicken/Porkhoney plum chicken

…a great way to use up some over-ripe plums. Whole thing was very sweet, and yet the ginger totally stopped it being cloying. Loved it surprisingly much, so tried it with pork, which also worked brilliantly. (source)


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