Overload alert!!


Urgh. Am just utterly swamped right now, so all my ideas for clever witty blog entries are piling up while I’m doing other stuff!

Current workstack is:


  • in the midst of a huge sort-out of what’s happening, and how. Stressful
  • Big reporting meeting due in a couple of weeks
  • sorting out all t’other stuff: conferences, training, etc etc
  • trying hard to make actual progress progress, which really needs:


  •  C# a-go-go: now for work AND MSc! Alas, brain is still overfull of:


  • the end is nigh – as long as I can survive the next few weeks!
  • A4 is due on Friday – few bits to answer still; lots of tidy up
  • A5 nowhere near as far through as I should be: have asked for extension, still need to get finger out!

This post, though, is to remind me that all of the above WILL get sorted/finished, and burning myself out getting there is not an attractive option! If nothing else, with no room for any of the stuff I really WANT to do, for me, I sink into despondency – really – and at that point I just can’t shift myself to work.

This weekend, then, I’ve taken a break from management theories and scribbled reviews on daft stuff (dvd burners, laptops, and even a book!) – and, lo! – the feeling of achievement from getting that done spurred me on to get another assignment answer done!

That’s sort of what Scanning is about for me: accepting that I need that balance, and that doing something completely unrelated, or something not ‘important’, can really help me get through the ‘have to do’ stuff.

And of course, amongst all this, I also need to stop and smell the roses. Or this evening: marvelling at the glorious shades of blue in the evening sky 🙂


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