A day of lifting moods


Urgh, but my moods are all over the place at the moment! Definitely have to say: feeling in control = feeling happier.

Today, then, started okay with me managing to get up early and into the office early. Mood still kind of fragile-low. Actually managed a not just civil, but fairly decent meeting with my not-boss. Feeling ever so slightly happier more hopeful about work, which is bloddy amazing.

Good thing: I started a meditation course! 8 weeks, with daily practice. Yay! Okay, so today mostly involved lying on my back, but really hoping to see good things from this. My inner child was ridiculously pleased to be given a jotter and purple gel pen for my ‘meditation diary’

And since I was at the gym anyway for the meditation class, I decided I might as well do the teeniest bit of something in the CV suite, so was on the power walker thingy for 10 minutes and 1km – which is apparently very nearly classed as a running pace, which is daft! Really good to be able to start small – although it does make it daft to go just for that, so, hmm. Then had a very looooong walk home (still at that kind of pace, so I can’t be as unfit as I think – or my legs are just long!) in the glorious sunshine. Me + exercise = o_O and hurrah!

So as if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve been batch cooking for the first time in forever, too, and that really does make me feel more me and stable again! Made tonight’s dinner, plus a huge pot of pork stew, and then prepared all the veg for tomorrow’s stir fry while I was at it.

Away to do a wee bit of CSS-learning, then to turn off and head for an early night with a book. Which makes it a very good day!


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  1. I’m a scanner, too. 🙂
    It’s been a while since I read one of her books. I’m afraid, other than the one time when I was nineteen, I keep dropping out about halfway through. I had more staying power and enthusiasm when I was younger; now I’m just all over the place.


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