“How to become a great finisher”


This article could almost have been written with scanners in mind! I know I’m very bad for losing enthusiasm for a project or piece of work early on, and if it’s not something I can abandon – and then often feel guilty about doing so – then I end up bullying myself through, meaning everything (and often life!) feels like one great big chore. Degree, I’m looking at you!!

 [They] begin each new pursuit with enthusiasm, or at the very least, a commitment to getting the job done…And then something happens. Somewhere along the way, they lose steam.

More than anything else, becoming a Great Finisher is about staying motivated from a project’s beginning to its end… when we are pursuing a goal and consider how far we’ve already come, we feel a premature sense of accomplishment and begin to slack off. When we focus on progress made, we’re also more likely to try to achieve a sense of “balance” by making progress on other important goals. This is classic Good Starter behavior — lots of pots on the stove, but nothing is ever ready to eat.

If, instead, we focus on how far we have left to go (to-go thinking), motivation is not only sustained, it’s heightened.

(From the Harvard Business Review blog network)

Definitely makes sense to me – not least because a lot of the things I develop enthusiasm for don’t HAVE a definite end point to keep working towards.

As ever, no answers – just something that made me think!


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