Mind versus brain


This set of articles poses a question that sums up the ongoing battle I feel I’m facing!

Why is it so difficult to break bad habits and seemingly more difficult to form good ones? As one might guess, the answer is the same for both questions: The mind has submitted to the brain — we mindlessly walk the path of least resistance as we drift farther from the path to a meaningful existence.

As the article asks, “What drives a student to spend 3 weeks playing Halo rather than studying?” Yeah, I can offer a few suggestions… from the wrong side of that question!

There is, however, a solution (in part 3):

If we maintain mindfulness, we may consciously take control of our life by choice. We then replace the wrong kind of autopilot with the ideal kind of autopilot.

This is why meditation appears on my ‘other stuff’ list. I need to remind myself, constantly, that I have chosen – no, that I am choosing – to devote time and energy chasing this degree, and embracing the challenges of my chosen work. It’s not the easy route but I do want to buckle down and just get it all finished already!!

There’s more in that article than just overcoming lazy study habits – I recommend the read.


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  1. So true — I think we often already know the right answer to solve our problems, but it is so easy to not act on it!! We all experience this. But I have found myself doing much better at being mindful and making good choices once I found a group of like-minded friends to trade posts with!


  2. Path of Least Resistance – that’s so true. It’s easier to do what we know how to do than try something new.
    I’m reading an awesome book on this at the moment – “What’s Stopping You” by Robert Kelsey. I know, I know, ever more self-help books – but it’s REALLY good haha!


  3. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with self-help books — they can be motivating and inspirational, not only to get on the right track, but to stay on it. The only issue is, if you read self-help books instead of doing something to help yourself (with you, Moose, I don’t think that’s an issue, though!)


  4. Well, playing Halo is much easier than studying! 😉 Unfortunately, I could also offer a lot of suggestions from the wrong side. :/


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