Hello world!


I want to do everything. Well, okay, I have zero interest in sky diving, diving, model railways or a ton of other stuff, but still!

This, then, is my own little corner of the interwebs where I can waffle about all the things that interest me and hopefully keep track of some kind of progress with – everything! 🙂

PS the phrase ‘scanner’ comes from the book Refuse to Choose, by Barbara Sher. In it, I found out that not having just one set of interests was normal, probably good, and something I could life with without going insane!


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  1. Haven’t read Refuse to Choose, but it sounds like another book I read, called The Renaissance Soul, or something like that. Basically, the same thing — that some people prefer to pursue a diversity of interests (and careers) rather than focus on just one… although we’re often given the impression that the “right” thing is to specialize. (Not much of a specialist, myself. I like to take more of a buffet approach to life — little of this, little of that.)


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