Cooking Experiments, 2009


Recipes I first tried in 2009:

Braised Beef with Red Wine and Cranberry

A surprise nom! I’d defrosted some individual portions of beef yesterday for a slow cooker meal, and halfway through cooking discovered I’d left one of the portions in the fridge – d’oh! So, quick look to find something to use a single portion for today – and this was the first recipe in the book!

It sounds like a faff ‘cos it takes so long, but other than checking the pot once in a while it’s really easy – you just let it cook away. Makes the beef wonderfully tender, and the sauce is yum! Perhaps a tad on the rich side, so do serve with lots of nice green veggies 🙂

It does freeze, had I made more than a single portion. (source)

Moroccan Chicken

I based this on the Sainsbury’s feed your family for a fiver recipe card, adapted to throw in some more moroccan-y flavours to jazz it up to my tastes. Worked well – am pleased 🙂

Eton Mess

Once in a blue moon, WW comes up trumps! This is nice and light and refreshing, but the meringue adds a sweetness that tips it over into feeling a bit more indulgent. Hint: don’t put the meringue in until you’re ready to serve, as it will dissolve and you’ll lose the sweet crunch.

Gingered Pork

Based on one of sm’s WW recipes I was fed when I was last home, although I couldn’t be bothered with the faff of skewers and bunged the whole lot in a pan instead – which worked fine! Quick and easy, healthy and light. Duly added to repertoire.

Butternut Squash and Lentil Soup

Nice, but perhaps just a little disappointing – just lacked a depth of flavour. I’ll maybe try adding some chilli flakes to my next portion.

Turkey Burgers

Based on a WW recipe, so as well as tasting super-nommable, is bonusly healthy AND dead easy – hurrah! 🙂 Makes a really satisfying burger, imo, neither dry nor at all meat-greasy. The uncooked burgers will freeze, too – perfect! 🙂



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